Fine Dining
Promise to deliver the finest & most delicious dining services with your multiple favorite cuisines.
Fresh Ingredients
Our dishes are made with love and complete hygiene, ensuring all ingredients are fresh.
Sweet Dessert
Desserts are sweet and always give a happy ending. Explore our dessert varieties to have a happy ending to your meal.


Chowrastha’s mission of sharing the best Hyderabadi and many other south Indian cuisines involves dining and catering services. We provide a memorable experience with our cuisine and atmosphere. We bring the food and wine as the best pair.


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Franchise Procedure

Chowrastha offers an extensive opportunity to share our desire to provide south Indian food worldwide. We bring back memories by providing authentic food with love and joy. Our delicious food varieties involve the culture, aroma, and taste of South India.

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Fill out the form first using the link below. Please be as specific as you can when describing your relevant educational background and financial resources.

The application will be reviewed by our franchising division while taking the applicant’s prior business experience into account. After that, we’ll check to determine if the fundamental franchise requirements can be satisfied.


The store’s construction will be helped by our corporate team. To ensure that the store reflects the elegant brand, a mock-up of the blueprint will be created. There will be a list of the required furnishings, supplies, and interior decor. 

To guarantee a smooth transition, members of our corporate team will stop by during the store’s soft opening. We anticipate that after completing this process, the store staff will be completely capable of managing business operations. 

Once your store is operational, our warehouse will continue to satisfy your needs for store goods. There will be virtual options for additional training and customer service management. To increase interest in the company, marketing efforts and product development will be used.

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Our restaurant space is located right in the heart of the city.

5910 Ashworth Rd, West Desmoines, 50266


+1 (515)-348-1054
[email protected]

Open Hours

Monday-Sunday: 11AM – 10PM
Tuesday: Closed